Check out our 90 Day Lifestyle Objective! #90to365 - do not wait until 2017 to become intentional about your growth, stewardship, and health! We are headed towards a great year in 2017, and we are taking 90 minutes a day, for the last 90 days of 2016 to prepare for it!

30 minutes of prayer

30 minutes of scripture readying and study

30 minutes of exercise / reading The Total Money Makeover [on opposing days]

We are building a new level of discipline in our lives to honor God, and live out the word! If you are up for the challenge, click the 90to365 link for more information, and sign up for our newsletter to get the weekly prayer targets and scripture readings. Join us!


Bethlehem-Judah:The City of Provision & Praise

God is building a place where His people can be fed, where needs are met, and praise is unfettered. A gathering place for HIS CHURCH that HIS PEOPLE will call HOME.

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